Visiting Sturbridge

Sturbridge is a southern central Massachusetts town with such New England charms as historic inns, country shops, a roadside candy store, and a brewery and orchard. It is also the home of a renown outdoor living history museum that takes visitors into the life of a villager living in 19th-century New England.

Visitors to Old Sturbridge Village can see historic structures, speak with costumed "villagers," and watch New England crafts and chores, such as bread baking, shoe making, or blacksmithing, come to life. There are harvest events in the fall and old Christmas traditions by candlelight in December.

Outside of Old Sturbridge Village, the town of Sturbridge is a modern New England community with traces of a traditional town still seen in its brick mill buildings converted into shops, its inns, and the nearby farms and orchards. If shopping downtown, you'll find such options as "Basketville," which holds an inspiring selection of anything woven, as well as a sewing shop and antique stores.

Nestled in the rolling green hills, the town is a central New England location—about 20 miles from Worcester, 60 miles from Boston, and 45 miles from Hartford, Connecticut. Its attractions include Herbert Candies, which claims to be the first roadside candy store and originator of white chocolate in the United States. Herbert is also known for its "candy mansion" in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, where you can tour the chocolate factory. Nearby, Hyland Orchard and Brewery offers microbrewery tours, seasonal apple picking, wagon rides, and maple sugar-making demonstrations.

Old Sturbridge Village
Town of Sturbridge
Herbert Candies

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